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Legislature 101, in six minutes, forty seconds

I presented at Bozeman Pecha Kucha on Montana's Citizen Legislature a couple weeks ago. You should see it!

Pecha Kucha is a simple presentation format that shows 20 images, each for 20 seconds, to which a presenter narrates. The topics are as varied as the presenters, and I think this snapshot of Montana's lawmaking branch gives a good outline of The People's Branch of government.

Pecha Kucha has gone viral, and more than 800 cities worldwide host PK nights. I hope you enjoy this bit on the Montana Legislature!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!






















Thank you, voters!

On Tuesday, November 4, in the general election, I won my race for a state senate seat. I am so proud to be elected from Senate District 33 to represent all Montanans in the upcoming 2015 Legislature!


The vote totals were:


JP Pomnichowski, Democrat . . . . 3,899 . . . . 57.79 %

Bryan Rogan, Republican . . . . .   2,415 . . . . 35.79 %

Joan Stanley, Libertarian . . . . .. .  433 . . . . . 6.42 %


I love the work of the legislature.

I'll do my very best to pass good policy for all of us.

Thank you!




Vote for JP!


Vote for JP Pomnichowski! Here are some reasons why.

  Mail ballots begin arriving in voters' mailboxes today.

  I've been out talking to voters since March, visiting with people at meetings and events all over the Gallatin Valley, trying my level best to answer questions and establish  good public policy as an elected official.

  Now, I hope to continue the work!

  Please vote JP Pomnichowski for Montana State Senate.

  I'm finishing my third term in Montana's House of Representatives, and I'm proud of the work I've accomplished in these six years. Every bill I've passed has been with bipartisan support. For me, it's always about the policy, not the politics. Whatever the problem we're trying to solve, I've worked with Republicans and Democrats alike to fashion solutions.

  As a snapshot, here's some of the policy work I've passed into state law:

-  The creation of a Cancer Drug Donation Program, to make cancer drugs available to patients who need but cannot afford them, first implemented at our own Bozeman Cancer Center.

-  Laws for the protection of personal information in state computers, and the protection of personal information on hunting and fishing licenses.

-   Policy encouraging the creation of high-tech businesses in Montana through the commercialization of research by offering state matching grants for winners of federal Small Business Innovative Research and Small Technology Transfer Research grants.

-  A law  to protect downtown Bozeman property values after the 2009 natural gas explosion and fire (House Bill 653, Revise base taxable value of TIF for local disaster, applies for any TIF district that's suffered a disaster.) 

-   New guidelines to grant licenses to disabled hunters, and to allow health care professionals (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Physician's Assistants) to endorse disabled hunter permit medical certifications, important because in many small Montana communities, no M.D. is available. Health care is delivered by APRNs and PAs.

-  Important new water policy to preserve and protect water quality and water quantity, especially where population growth is dense: in closed basins, where the amount of water available is exceeded by the allowable uses permitted.

-  to protect citizens against identity theft  

-  for freedom of speech 

  As well as my work on individual pieces of legislation, I’ve served as Vice Chair of the House Taxation committee (2013), Vice Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee (2009), and served two terms on the House Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Committee. 

  I love the work, and I'd be honored to continue the work on your behalf.





Vote JP Pomnichowski for Montana Senate!

--- ---

Happy Labor Day!





















Growth Through Agriculture--or, growing our local businesses and producers

  There's a program that's funded in part by Montana's coal severance tax trust fund called Growth Through Agriculture.


   As part of an update (or an introduction, for some) to the on-the-ground good that the Growth Through Agriculture program does, I toured Three Hearts Farm and the Root Cellar food production facility in Gallatin County, both recipients of GTA grants. GTA grant recipients must match grant dollars one-to-one with their own money. Three Hearts Farm and Root Cellar are local producers, expanding to food prep for local restaurants and sellers like the Food Co-Op. Three Hearts Farm employs four people, and their new business, Root Cellar creates jobs, too!


  We hear terms like "economic development" and "value-added commodities" and this local operation is an excellent example of what those terms mean. Three Hearts Farm is a nine-acre operation growing kale and beets, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and more. The farm received a $7,500 GTA grant a couple years ago to help with the purchase of a walk-in cooler. As farm owner Dean Williamson describes it, the cooler itself helped increase exponentially the ability of the farm to keep fresh vegetables marketable for much longer, helping the farm's business.


  This year, Root Cellar matched a $38,500 grant from GTA to purchase a commercial food washer. Dean puts kale and beets and lettuce and all sorts of vegetables through the washer and he can also do food prep, like chopping lettuce and slicing beets and cucumbers for the Food Co-op salad bar or for local restaurants, which helps him to market to those retail locations, too.


  The food prep is "value-added" agriculture because it's the prepared vegetables instead of the fresh but unwashed and unsliced vegetables. The "economic development" is helping a local producer keep his produce fresh, and then helping several local producers wash, prep, and provide that produce via a new business in Gallatin Valley, a business which employs local people for food going to local businesses!


  The state could do more. A few legislative sessions ago, Growth Through Agriculture had $1.2 million to distribute in grants (each grant then matched one-for-one with dollars from the recipients. That's the deal.) In 2011 in a conservative legislature, the funding was halved. And last session, even more dollars from the coal severance tax trust fund were rerouted as part of a funding solution for state employee pension plans.

  This biennium, there were requests from GTA for $1.7 million, but the program only had about $650,000 to distribute. All grant recipients, I was told, requested more money than they were granted (and they could have matched a greater grant amount, too).

  This program is a success. I'll do all I can as a state senator to help to grow the program to make more funds available for our local economic development and value-added products.


  The local NBC affiliate, KTVM, did a story on the tour:



  BOZEMAN, Mont. -Bozeman-area businesses showed state lawmakers and representatives from the Montana Department of Agriculture how grant money is helping diversify the state agriculture industry.

   Council members learned how a small grant made a big impact on a local farm.

   Dean Williamson owns Three Hearts Farm and grows 150 types of plants including fresh produce.

   His operation is a small nine-acre farm, but he says they got help to grow after receiving a Growth Through Agriculture grant of $7,500, that they used to buy a walk-in cooler.

   "Oh, it was gigantic," said Williamson.

   It's a piece of equipment, he said, that allows him to store twice as much produce, which then goes out to local restaurants and grocery stores.

   "I wouldn't be able to do nearly what I am doing, without the cooler, without being able to hold food for longer than an hour or two. Once lettuce is out of the ground, for instance, it is good for about 45 minutes if it is not refrigerated," said Williamson.

   On Tuesday, Williamson got to tell his story to state lawmakers as they toured agricultural businesses in the Gallatin Valley to learn how grant money from the GTA program is making an impact.

   State Director of Agriculture Ron de Yong says the ag industry is growing, especially when it comes to smaller operations like Three Hearts Farm.

   "This will effect everyone locally," said de Yong.

   De Yong said the GTA grants are geared toward helping these local businesses be successful.

   State Representative JP Pomnichowski told NBC Montana that getting a behind-the-scenes look gave her a good idea of how the grants not only impact the farm, but also the community.

"When you come to the farm and then see the washing operation and see the food packaged and then go to the salad bar at the Food Co-op, it's locally grown, locally produced, and it helps the local businesses," said Pomnichowski.

   The state gave out more than $650,000 in GTA grants over the last fiscal year. Other businesses in the Bozeman area that received the grants include the Root Cellar and the Montana Fish Company.

    Copyright 2014 by KECI, KCFW, KTVM. All rights reserved.


Securing your personal information

News from the capitol today is that malware (malicious software, or a "hack") was found on the computer servers at the Montana Department of Health and Human Services (DPHHS). 


That's the bad news.


The good news is that it seems that no personal information was taken, and more good news is that the state has systems in place to notify people when there's a possibility of identity theft.


I'm proud to say that those security systems and notification systems are in place from a bill that I passed in 2009!


House Bill 155 was an anti-identity theft bill, a security bill. It requires state agencies to develop policies for the protection of social security numbers and personal information.


The bill extends identity theft mitigation requirements, defines agency director security responsibilities, and defines how notification must be made if there is a security breach.



In Montana law, there is a ‘duty to protect’, and that includes “protecting individual privacy and the privacy of information contained within information technology systems.” (MCA 2-17-505(1))





This bill extends private sector requirements to state government.


To put the requirement of security and notification in perspective, I’ll remind you of a computer security breach at D A Davidson in 2008, when customer information was stolen from a computer database by a hacker. The personal information of tens of thousands of clients was stolen, and the company and its customers worried that the social security numbers and personal information could be used in identity theft.


Now, as bad as it was that a private computer system was accessed and the information stolen, the company realized that there had been a security breach and notified all of its clients so that they could take action to protect themselves if someone did try to use their personal information fraudulently.


House Bill 155 requires state government to develop processes to secure personal information and to notify people if ever that information is compromised or stolen.


The bill includes third parties doing work for a state agency, including colleges, hospitals, universities, boards and commissions, and departments of state agencies.


Just think of how much personal information is held in any of these entities, and it’s easy to realize that it’s imperative to protect that information.


The notification requirement in the event of a security breach says that people must be notified in a timely fashion and that a third party working on behalf of a state entity must notify the state agency and the people affected.


The bill passed the House and Senate unanimously, and was signed into law by Governor Schweitzer. Now, when unfortunate breaches occur, the State of Montana does everything to secure personal information and to fix the breach.


The story from the Associated Press reads,

State to send safety notice
Hackers may have breached he alth server


By Lisa Baumann
Associated Press

HELENA — Montana officials said Tuesday they are notifying 1.3 million people that their personal information could have been accessed by hackers who broke into a state health department computer server.

The letters are going to people whose information and records were on the server. There’s no evidence so far that any information was stolen, officials said Tuesday.

“There is no information, no indication, that the hackers really accessed any of this information or used it inappropriately,” said Richard Opper, director of the state Department of Public Health and Human Services. “We are erring on the side of displaying an overabundance of caution.”

The state is offering free credit monitoring and identity-fraud insurance for a year to all 1.3 million people. A tollfree help line has fielded about 170 calls since the incident was announced a few weeks ago. None of those callers have reported identity theft or compromised bank accounts as a result of the hacking, Opper said.

Only about 1 million people live in Montana. The notifications are going to residents, people who no longer live in Montana, and the estates of those who have died.

Malware was discovered on the health agency’s server May 22 after information technology employees noted suspicious activity on it earlier in the month, Montana Chief Information Officer Ron Baldwin said. The server contained names, addresses, birthdates, Social Security numbers and medical records related to health assessments, diagnoses, treatment, prescriptions and insurance.








About 3,100 department employees and contractors are also being notified because the server contained their bank account information. About 50 years of birth and death certificate information was also on the server, officials said.







Security has since been updated, officials said.







 “This type of unautho­rized access is not unique to Montana,” Baldwin said. “This is sort of the nature of the world we live in today.”








 There are 17,000 unauthorized attempts to enter the state computer system every hour on average, or about six billion attempts per year. With that volume, it’s difficult to ensure the state’s computer security is a step ahead of the hackers’ technology, Opper said.


The state is constantly vigilant and continually adapting monitoring and protection techniques, Baldwin said.




  Officials expect cyber-security insurance coverage purchased last year by the state to cover most of costs associated with the incident.

 “We’re just really grateful that apparently the citizens haven’t been harmed,” Opper said.










Vote the longest name on the ballot!

Primary ballots are out, everyone. Please vote Pomnichowski for State Senate, District 33!








Endorsed by MEA-MFT!

  I've been endorsed in my campaign for Montana State Senate, District 33, by MEA-MFT!

  MEA-MFT is the union that represents those that provide an excellent public education to Montana students. I'm a proud product of Montana public schools, and am humbled and proud to have the endorsement of MEA-MFT.

  I believe, as does MEA-MFT, in an amply-funded quality public education for  Montana students, from pre-K through all of the degrees and areas of study offered by our excellent universities. I've voted for expanded educational opportunities (like the Digital Academy, and Gallatin College, a premier two-year education) and for increased funding for educator payments, scholarships, and infrastructure.

  As MEA-MFT has supported me in all my campaigns, I'll stand with the members, and with all public school teachers administrators, support personnel, and students

  Thanks, MEA-MFT. You've got a friend in me.

Can You Help Elect Me as State Senator?

  Campaigns take a lot of time and effort--and money--from a lot of different people in order to be successful, and I'm so grateful for all your help.

  A friend contacted me last night that one of my links for online contributions didn't work.

  Bad geek am I!

  It's fixed now. You can contribute online, here:

  The saying "Many hands make light work" is true, and it's manifested in a campaign like mine. I really appreciate your help of time and effort, like door-knocking and talking to voters with me, addressing envelopes, helping with fundraising events, or contributing some dollars to my campaign.

  Many thanks, everyone!



Endorsed by Montana Sportsmen Alliance!

I'm proud to be endorsed in my campaign for Montana Senate, District 33, by the Montana Sportsmen Alliance! The group was formed two years ago and was quite active in the 2013 Legislative Session. I served on the House Fish, Wildlife, and Parks committee, and was proud to vote for greater hunting and fishing access, common-sense policies for hunting, and greater opportunity for youth hunters. 

Thank you, Montana Sportsmen Alliance, for your endorsement, and for your active involvement in the legislation that shapes Montana's outdoor experiences, for everyone.

For more information on MSA, their website is here:

Montana Sportsmen Alliance mission statement: The Montana Sportsmen Alliance (MSA) is comprised of Montana hunting, angling, and conservation minded individuals who are committed to insuring the effective representation of rank and file sportsmen in public policy matters.  We work to continue the core values of public ownership of public wildlife, and public access to public resources.  We work with public officials and agency personnel to promote sound stewardship of natural resources and to preserve Montana’s hunting and fishing heritage.



JP for Montana State Senate, District 33, Bozeman

Last August, I announced my intention to run for the upper chamber in the Montana Legislature, and moments ago on this first day of filing with the Secretary of State, I filed my candidacy for Senate District 33 in Bozeman!

I'm excited to run for our state senate, and to continue working to improve Montana for this and future generations. I'm proud to have voted for tuition freezes for Montana university students, for water quality improvements and water systems for small Montana towns, for greater hunting and fishing opportunities, and to keep Montana public schools and their teachers strong.

Thank you for your support, in previous campaigns and in my service in Montana's House of Representatives. Now, onto the State Senate!






Rep. Pomnichowski files for Montana Senate

BOZEMAN, August 1, 2013 – Three-term Rep. JP Pomnichowski of Bozeman Thursday announced her intention to run for election to the upper chamber of the state legislature in Senate Dist. 33.

            Pomnichowski, 46, decided to run for the state senate when the reapportionment required after every federal census essentially dismantled her present house district, reassigning its present area into three other house districts.

            “This is a vibrant senate district that includes the city’s newer neighborhoods, its newest schools and the lion’s share of the major transportation corridors, plus the historic northeast section, major commercial areas, downtown Bozeman, the high school and the fairgrounds,” Pomnichowski explained. “With my experience in the legislature and service on its several committees, I am confident I can represent this district well. I have worked hard from the Democratic side of the aisle to forge bipartisan progress in Helena.”

            Senate Dist. 33 is bounded approximately on the north and east by Rouse Avenue and Interstate 90 and on the south by Story and Babcock Streets. It extends nearly to Gooch Hill Road on the west.     

            “Even though formal filing for office doesn’t open until January, today I filed with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices my statement of candidacy allowing me to start organizing a campaign,” said Pomnichowski, a fifth-generation Montanan who has lived in Bozeman since 1985. Born and raised in Great Falls, she graduated from C.M. Russell High School there and from Montana State University in 1991.

                In her previous sessions, Pomnichowski has served as Vice Chair of the House Natural Resources and House Taxation committees. She has actively supported job-creation laws and sponsored legislation for Montana sportsmen and women and small businesses. She has voted for economic development, for two tuition freezes for Montana university students, and after the 2009 natural gas explosion and fire in downtown Bozeman, passed a law to protect the property values of the entire Bozeman Downtown district. She has supported legislation for veterans and seniors.

            In previous campaigns, Pomnichowski has been endorsed by Montana Conservation Voters, Montana Education Association-Montana Federation of Teachers (MEA-MFT), the AFL-CIO, and Montana Game Wardens Association.

            Pomnichowski served as chair of the Bozeman planning board for several years, has worked to guarantee a safe city water supply and has actively promoted educational and research construction and improvements at Montana State University. She voted for appropriations to help build the new Bozeman Public Library. She and her husband live in southwest Bozeman near the Museum of the Rockies, which they have supported for many years.




Elected in House District 66!

  THANK YOU, VOTERS, for electing me to serve as your representative for House District 66 in the 2013 Montana Legislature!

  I'll work hard to do you proud. As of 9:09 a.m. on Wednesday, November 7 (after quite a rousing Election Night!) the vote totals are these:

     Pomnichowski   3,145    68.27%

     Ponte               1,441     31.28%

  I'm very excited to return to the House. I love the work, and the details of public policy. I'm humbled and honored to serve.




29 October 2012    

  I’m JP Pomnichowski, and I need your vote to represent House District 66 in central Bozeman at the state legislature.

  You will be electing a seasoned and effective lawmaker; I served in the 2007 and 2009 legislative sessions. I’m proud to have voted for balanced budgets and ample reserves, for a tuition freeze for Montana university students (in 2007, the first in twenty years), for a $400 property tax refund, and for public access to our streams and rivers.

  I fought for $1.8 million for the clean-up of asbestos and other contaminants at the site of our new Bozeman Public Library, and for $28 million for the renovation of Gaines Hall on the MSU campus. I’m a proud product of Montana public schools and an MSU graduate, and I’ll continue my strong support of ample school funding.

  Our state’s natural resources generate energy, produce food and timber, and provide us clean water and air, and I’ve carried comprehensive legislation for gravel mining, oil and gas drilling on public lands, and water quality and water rights.

  I’ve sponsored laws that protect your personal information from identity theft, that provide for the donation of cancer drugs to patients who need but cannot afford them, and for state matching grants to high-tech businesses to establish themselves in Montana, creating jobs and growing our economy. After the 2009 natural gas explosion and fire in downtown Bozeman, I brought legislation to protect the assessed value of our downtown district.

  The work of shaping public policy into laws that benefit all Montanans is complex, and I enjoy it very much. I truly work in a bipartisan fashion, and I’d be grateful for your vote to continue my service at the legislature.

  Please cast your vote for me, and vote Pomnichowski, the longest name on the ballot!

 --- --- --- --- --- ---


8 May 2012

  Voters across Montana will receive their absentee ballots in the mail today, and the good voters in House District 66 will also receive a letter of introduction (or re-introduction) from me!


  I'm proud of my service in the 2007 and 2009 Montana Legislative Sessions, and I'd be proud to represent House District 66 in the 2013 session. My record is one of bipartisanship and accomplishment that betters the lives of Montanans.


  I passed a law to create a cancer drug donation program, so that cancer patients who need but cannot afford cancer medications can get them; that program was first implemented at the Bozeman Cancer Center. For sportsmen and women, I passed laws to encourage youth hunters by lowering fees, and to protect your private information on hunting and fishing licenses. I also carried the stream access bill in the 2007 session. Natural resource legislation is my milieu, and I co-wrote and co-sponsored legislation with a Republican lawmaker from Sidney that improves our water policy, a law that particularly helps high-growth areas like ours. 



  After the devastating natural gas explosion and fire in downtown Bozeman in 2009, I passed a law to preserve the property value of the entire downtown district. I also voted for ample funding for MSU, including $28 million to renovate Gaines Hall, and for a tuition freeze for university students, the first passd in twenty years. I passed a law to protect your personal information in state computers, andI voted for senior transportation, better care and benefits for our military veterans, and to extend unemployment benefits after the economy worsened.



  My blog entries about my service in Montana's House of Representatives, and on campaign action, is here: Please visit! You can follow me on Facebook, too, at Re-elect JP Pomnichowski, and on twitter @pomnicho.



  When you receive your ballot today, please vote Pomnichowski. I'm committed to improving our society, our livelihoods, our natural environment, our state. I'd be grateful for your vote!



  Vote Pomnichowski, the longest name on the ballot!



9 April 2012



Doing the People's Work!


  Today I'm participating in the Gallatin County Local Public Health System Assessment. I'm part of a group investigating whether people are receiving the medical care they need.



  Last week, I was in Helena two days to serve on the State Board of Labor Appeals. I was appointed to the board early last year. We consider appeals to unemployment claims from employers and employees alike. It's difficult but very important work, and work that keeps Montana in the top four in the nation for fair and timely case decisions.

    The continuum through these events is my campaign for re-election, which is going very well! I need your support to return to the Montana Legislature to continue my good work. Please, if you'd like to help, contact me and we'll talk to voters together, or you can contribute online via ActBlue.

   Many thanks for your support! I love the work of shaping good public policy; for me, it's always been about the policy, not partisan politics. Vote Pomnichowski, the longest name on the ballot!


1 April 2012

  The campaign is going really well, and tonight was a wonderful event at Democratic Headquarters, the Labor Temple, in Bozeman! Democrats and Democratic supporters heard from statewide candidates for Attorney General and State Auditor, as well as from Democratic Congressional candidates. My fellow legislative candidates and I addressed the crowd to great support and enthusiasm, much appreciated in all our campaigns.

  It's a great campaign for worthy work. For me, serving as state representative has always been about making good public policy, not about waging partisan politics. I'd be grateful for your help in my campaign so that I can continue good public policy work! Contributions of time, effort, outreach, and dollars are always welcome, and most appreciated!



--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

12 January 2012

Today, I announced my candidacy for the Montana Legislature, to represent House District 66! Here's the press release:

Jan. 12, 2012


 Veteran Legislator Seeks District 66


 BOZEMAN – Jennifer “JP” Pomnichowski of Bozeman has filed for election to the state legislature to represent House District 66, comprising downtown and the southcentral and west central parts of the city. A Democrat, she previously served in the House in 2007 and 2009 and currently is a member of the Montana Board of Labor Appeals.

 A lifelong Montanan and Bozeman resident for 27 years, Pomnichowski has been a firefighter/EMT on the Bridger Canyon Volunteer Fire Dept. An MSU graduate, she has served on the Bozeman Board of Adjustment, Zoning Commission, Planning Board and Inter Neighborhood Council.

 “I have carried, co-sponsored or supported several bills of direct benefit to District 66,” said Pomnichowski, who lived in the heart of the district when attending college. “After the 2009 downtown explosion and fire, I carried a bill to shield city core property values from deterioration after disasters, and I fought for $1.2 million to clean up asbestos and other contaminants from the site of our showpiece new public library.

“I also voted to freeze college tuition for the first time in 20 years, for all-day kindergartens and to provide $28 million for the renovation of Gaines Hall at MSU. I oppose any reduction in benefits or services to senior citizens, and I endorse educational, medical and housing aids for veterans.   

 “I have a progressive outlook, but a conservative grip on taxpayers’ money,” Pomnichowski, 44, declared at her filing announcement Thursday. “I have voted for a balanced budget every time, with ample reserve for emergencies like wildfires, and I also have voted to retain full funding for public schools and law enforcement, plus services like Meals On Wheels and senior and disabled transportation. I have voted to create jobs and to develop business opportunities, and I’ve encouraged small business with a measure to foster employee medical coverage and by voting to abolish the business equipment tax. I support unlimited stream access, alternative energy, and clean water and air guarantees.”

 Pomnichowski previously has been endorsed for election by Montana Education Association/Montana Federation of Teachers, Montana State AFL-CIO and the Montana Game Wardens Association.


RE-ELECT JP Pomnichowski to the Montana Legislature!

  The campaign for my re-election to the Montana House of Representatives is in full swing! I love the work of helping people, and I'm really proud of my legislative record. I want to continue to serve in the Montana Legislature!

  You can help me win!

  First and foremost, please VOTE on November 6, 2012 or by absentee ballot starting October 6. Join me on the campaign trail, at campaign events, or in Bozeman neighborhoods when I'm out talking to voters!

  I'm so grateful for your support, and I'm passionate about serving my friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens of our great state.

  Here's some information about my work in the legislature, which I hope serves to show my effectiveness, enthusiasm, and success in getting things done. Thanks, voters!

--- --- ---

I'm proud that I passed the second-most bills of any legislator in both my first and second terms, ALL with BIPARTISAN SUPPORT.

+   JP has voted in her past legislative sessions for a balanced budget for our state. Last session she voted for a balanced budget and for an ample fund reserve of $262 million, a savings account for the state to weather hard times.

+   Montana has a balanced budget through June 2011!

+   Montana is one of just two states in the nation with money in the bank. 48 of 50 other states are in deficit, but not Montana.

+   JP is a champion for businesses. After the natural gas explosion and fire in downtown Bozeman last year, JP passed a law to protect the value of our entire downtown district, and any other business district that suffers a disaster.

+   JP voted for money to clean up contaminants from the new Bozeman Public Library site, a showpiece in our downtown area.

+   JP Pomnichowski has stood up for small businesses. She voted for Insure Montana, a program in which small businesses can pool together to buy health insurance for their employees.

+   JP passed a law for state matching grants for federal small business innovative research (SBIR) grants and small business technology transfer (STTR) grants that keep our entrepreneurs, technology, and innovation building businesses right here in Montana, not going out of state.

+   JP was the only Democrat in the House of Representatives to serve on a special subcommittee to lower or repeal the business equipment tax.

 MORE on the NEWS page.



JP Lobbying for health care and gives us some info on the 2009 Legislature


My City comes First

From the Bozeman Chronicle March 6th 2009:

State Sen. Larry Jent, D-Bozeman, and state Rep. JP Pomnichowski, DBozeman, also returned home from the legislative session in Helena to assess the damage and lend whatever help they could. They said they felt they needed to be here for their constituents.  “My city comes first,” Pomnichowski said. “It’s not just what’s happened to one business, it’s what’s happened to our city.”



Rep. JP Pomnichowski joins Watershed Council

JP's letter to her constituents



 JP: Victory by 230 Votes

What the Race meant: Stories in the Chronicle and Gazette



Stories from the Campaign trail  on JP's blog

Bozeman Chronicle Story on the Race

 Campaign pictures on facebook for September/October



Just a Little Bit More! 

   The campaign is going strong.  I've met so many people, I visit my constituents at their doors, and now, the election is just weeks away.  I need your help to finish strong! Please contribute what you can to the JP re-election campaign.  If you can give your time, or a contribution*, or write a letter to the editor, you may put us over the top. 
   The best letter to the editor each week (Monday - Sunday) will win a mini football signed by your truly!  It's easy online:
   If you can help with lit drops, or door-knocking, or sign-waving on Election Day (we're doing a Honk-and-Wave!), please email me (pomnicho(at)montanadsl(dot)net) or call 587-7846. Elections are won by narrow margins in Montana and that's always true in House District 66!
And everyone, I appreciate your help so much! You're just great!
*Contribution limit is $160 per election per person.  Please send checks to JP for the House, 222 Westridge Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715.



JP's Belgrade Parade Pictures


JP on Bridger Oil and Gas leases

Jp's Public service announcement for a Healthy heart


JP's Vote Smart Page



Check Out JP's Blog For The Latest News!


State Delegate JP at the Democratic National convention

JP's Convention Coverage

 Photo albums:



Thursday continued





JP Pomnichowski is a candidate for Montana State Representative in House District 66, Bozeman/Gallatin County. In her first term in 2007 as state representative, JP passed the second-greatest number of bills of any freshman legislator, including a new water law to preserve water quality and water quantity for new water rights applications, legislation for disabled hunters, and bills to give counties greater power to complete projects, more strictly classify a prescription drug, make the Montana Conservation Corps independent, and more. JP voted for property, income, and business tax reductions and for school funding, money for fighting wildfires, and for site cleanup for the Bozeman Public Library.

















JP Pomnichowski is a fifth-generation, lifelong Montanan dedicated to serving Bozeman. She's served on neighborhood associations, city and county boards, and MSU's student senate. She's championed citizens' rights, responsible development, protecting our natural setting, and promoting a quality education. Her knowledge and experience makes her a natural to serve in the Montana State Legislature. Let's make JP Pomnichowski our Lady of the House!
JP Serves Montana Well!
Paid for by JP Pomnichowski for Legislature - 624 Terrance Loop, Bozeman, MT 59718 - Democrat